10 Oct 2023

CFSS as Hong Kong Team Representatives to Take Part in The FAI World Drone Racing Championship

Drone soccer is a fast-growing new air sport that involves two teams up to five players per team whose aim is to score the highest number of goals in the air.

On October 5-10 2023, four students from CFSS became Hong Kong Team representatives to take part in The FAI World Drone Racing Championship. Despite not having practiced drone soccer for a long time, they tried their best to perform their roles as striker and defenders to complete the event. 

In the end, Hong Kong drone soccer teams (consisting of 16 students from three schools) obtained the second place. As their first time joining international competitions, this is certainly an eye-opening experience for career and life planning. The four CFSS Hong Kong representatives are:

5A Chim Tin Yat Cyrus 

5A Fok Kai Tung 

5A Gu Eric Yimiao 

5A Pong Yat Long Cyrus