18 Dec 2023

CFSS students participated in National Tai Chi Day

National Tai Chi Day is an event aimed at promoting and popularizing Tai Chi culture. This year's National Tai Chi Day was held on Saturday morning, December 9th, at Kowloon Park Square. The event was led by Mr. Lau Ka Wah, the School Governor, and Principal Mr. Ho Tik Shun. In front of the live television cameras, the students collectively showcase the results of their Tai Chi practice since September by performing the simplified four forms of Tai Chi.


In addition, from December 12th to December 15th at noon, an inter-class Push Hands competition sponsored by Mr. Lau Ka Wah, the School Governor, was also held on campus. Each class sent representatives to participate in the competition, which included ten different weight categories for boys and five for girls. The atmosphere was lively and exciting. The finals took place in the school hall, and Mr. Lau, the School Governor, and Mrs. Yvonne Lee, the chairperson of the PTA, were invited to present awards to the students. The first championship of the competition was won by Class 1B.


This National Tai Chi Day event aims to encourage more people to participate in Tai Chi and experience its benefits and beauty. We invite everyone interested in Tai Chi to join us for a pleasant and fulfilling morning in the coming year.