22 Dec 2023

Grand Opening Ceremony of CFSS Smart Kitchen

The school is very honored to have invited Mr. Yeung Wai Sing, Chairman of the World Master Chefs Association for Cantonese Cuisine (WMACC) and Dr. Tommy Lau, Vice Principal of IVE Hotel and Tourism Institute, to officiate at the Grand Opening Ceremony of CFSS Smart Kitchen on 22nd December, 2023 (Friday). The CFSS Smart Kitchen is officially put into service, allowing students to learn smart home devices and applications, grow salad vegetables via the hydroponic system, and hold workshops such as coffee/chocolate latte art, Chinese tea art culture promotion, and life skills training etc.. The Smart Kitchen also serves as an activity venue for our Parent-Teacher Association and Alumni Association in the future.

Our colleagues enjoyed making ginger tea glutinous rice balls under the guidance of Michelin Chef Master Chan Kwok Keung in the Grand Opening Ceremony. In addition, Mr. Lau Chi Kin, the Chief Instructor and Sommelier of the Chinese Culinary Arts Institute (CCI), gave a class on red and white wine to our colleagues. Sweet dumpling (Tangyuan) symbolizes reunion. Our colleagues attended professional training sessions with delicious food, good wine and the fun of cooking under this celebration.

We would like to thank Deputy Principal Mr. Lam Chi Wai Jimmy and Assistant Principal Ms. Leung Yue Shan Jennifer for coordinating the establishment of the Smart Kitchen, and Mr. Chan Kwok Leung for his strong liaison with the Chinese Culinary Institute to have enlightened the Grand Opening.