24 Feb 2024

Innovation and Technology Seminar - The Journey of Soybean Research

“Innovation and Technology Seminar - The Journey of Soybean Research” took place in Yasumoto International Academic Park of CUHK on 24 February 2024. Prof. Lam Hon-ming, Professor of School of Life Sciences and Director of State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology (CUHK), as the keynote speaker in the seminar, shared his research experience to enhance teachers’ understandings in the recent development of agricultural biotechnology and their innovation and technology knowledge.

Prof. Lam and his team launched a STEAM education activity plan with the theme of soybean scientific research. Our students were fortunate to have accompanied Prof. Lam to visit farmland in the northwest China last summer, broadening their horizons towards the latest development of national agriculture. They also earned the precious opportunity to share their experience in the seminar.