15 Apr 2024

"National Education in Districts" Public Lecture

National Security Education is part of National Education and are inseparable to each other. Therefore, the school focuses on cultivating students' national concepts, national feelings, national identity, and awareness and sense of responsibility for jointly safeguarding national security, so that students can become national-minded, respect the rule of law and become a good law-abiding citizen.

15th April is National Security Education Day. School Principal Mr. Ho Tik Shun and Deputy Principal Mr. Lam Chi Wai Jimmy attended the "National Education in Districts" Public Lecture on rule of law and citizenship education held at the Circular Square of Siu Sai Wan Estate in the afternoon. The event was officiated by Mr. Simon Chan, JP, District Officer (Eastern), and speeches were delivered by the captains of the Care Teams and Principal Ho. Principal Ho shared the situation of promoting National Security Education in CFSS in recent years, followed by an inspiring talk delivered by Mr. Kinsey Ho, Chairman of the Joint Committee for the Promotion of The Constitution and Hong Kong Basic Law, a researcher at the Chinese Legal Studies Research Center. He gave a more in-depth explanation of the Basic Law, the Constitution and the National Security Law. We once again thanked the Eastern District Office of Home Affairs Department for hosting this event for the public to better understand that national security is inseparable to our daily life.