23 Apr 2024

CFSS Earning 4 Distinctive Awards in Sustainable Development Competitions

CFSS achieved remarkable success in the domain of Sustainable Development with active student participation. In the 2022-2023 Sustainable Development School Award Scheme cum 'Plastic Free' School Campaign, organized by the Environment and Ecology Bureau, HKSAR, CFSS was honored with prestigious accolades. These included the Outstanding Performance Award - Silver Award, Participation Award, Community Project Award, and the Appreciation Certificate for the 'Plastic Free' School Campaign.

On 22nd February, 2024, CFSS surpassed numerous other schools and emerged as the recipient of these esteemed awards. The accomplishment was attributed to the stellar presentation delivered by CFSS students, namely Suen Pak Ho (Green Gulu Chairperson), Siu Ho Lam (Environmental Head Prefect), and Lee Tun Hiu (Environmental Prefect Leader) at the City Gallery.