07 May 2024

“Chinese Wartime Science through the Lens of Joseph Needham 1943-46” Popular Science Exhibit

As a keen photographer and captivated by the land, cultural heritage and warm reception given him by distinguished Chinese scholars and scientists, Dr. Needham amassed thousands of photos during his time in Wartime China and subsequent research trips to the PRC.  The NRI, with financial support from several benefactors, including the JNFSC, is in the process of cataloguing and digitizing these collections.  The 1943-46 batch is the first of several such digitized outputs to be made publicly available on the Cambridge Digital Library of the University of Cambridge.

A selection of these wartime photographs had been used to create ten roll-up exhibition banners, which are currently displayed in CFSS. It is our honor to have Dr. Peter Lee, Chairman of Joseph Needham Foundation For Science and Civilisation, to officiate the opening of the Exhibit on 7 May 2024, delivering his lecture on the Banner Exhibit. This has served as a resourceful platform for both students and teachers to understand the great effort and global impact of Dr. Joseph Needham who dedicated himself to research and writing of the ancient Chinese Science and Civilisation.