16 Apr 2024

Chinese Calligraphy Class for S.1 students

To cultivate students’ interest in calligraphy art and enhance their understanding of Chinese culture, our school specifically organized a calligraphy class for Form 1 students and invited senior instructors from the Hong Kong Calligraphy Academy to teach. By understanding the historical evolution and writing characteristics of different fonts such as seal script, clerical script, and regular script, students can deeply appreciate the profoundness of the 5,000-year-old Chinese culture, thereby strengthening their sense of belonging to their motherland. At the same time, it also trains their writing skills, laying a solid foundation for them in Chinese language and Chinese history subjects, which can be said to be a multiple beneficial effort.
Both teachers and students enjoyed this activity, and we look forward to students applying what they have learned, continuing to study calligraphy, and passing on the Chinese calligraphy art in Hong Kong.