01 Jul 2024

CFSS Parents, Teachers and Students Receiving the "Outstanding Home-School Volunteer Award 2024 Certificates"

Hong Kong Parent Teacher Federation Association organized the “Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Hong Kong Outstanding Home-School Volunteer Award Ceremony” on 1st July 2024. In the ceremony, Principal Ho received the “Hong Kong Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award”.

The following teaching staff, parents and students have received the Outstanding Home-School Volunteer Award 2024 Certificates in recognition of their concerted effort in home-school collaborations and community services.

Teaching staff:
Deputy Principal Mr. Lam Chi Wai Jimmy, Assistant Principal Ms. Leung Yue Shan Jennifer, Mr. Chan Kwok Leung, Mr. Tsang Ka Ho and Ms. Chan Ching Ki

Ms. Lee Pui Pui, Ms. Cher Man Wai, Mr. Tse Kar Chun, Ms. Mai Mingyin and Ms. Au Wing Yan

Siu Ho Lam (S.5), Lee Yi Wun (S.2), Tse Chung Lai Jonas (S.2), Xiao Qi Xuan (S.4) and Fung Ching Hei (S.5)

We hereby congratulate the parent, teacher and student awardees.