05 Jul 2024

Grand Opening of Distance Education Research Centre

Witnessed by the school supervisor, SMC members and distinguished guests, the "Distance Teaching and Research Center" on the 7/F of the school was officially opened on July 5. The Distance Teaching and Research Center will play the following roles in the future:
1. Conducting e-learning and online lectures to enable students to communicate with mainland and overseas scholars for distance learning;
2. Launching online meetings, such as sister school sharing sessions, youth activities from the mainland and overseas, to broaden students’ horizons;
3. Having interdisciplinary collaborations, exposing students to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, sharing research findings and disseminating effective teaching practices.

Education transits from traditional teaching paradigms to interactive and digital learning equipped with cloud technology and appropriate software in the 21st century for students to embrace learning experiences. Students also need to be open-minded, proficient in communication, have innovative mindset, be equipped with elements of active learning and information literacy. Today, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are the major breakthroughs in global development. In the face of digital transformation and rapid technological advancement, CFSS is committed to cultivating students' creativity and potentials through project learning and student-centered teaching paradigms so that students can cope with the challenges ahead.

We sincerely thank the School Sponsoring Body, the SMC, and the AMTD Group for their strong support. We will continue to strive our best for establishing the beautiful CFSS campus and providing quality education for the next generation!